A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12

Math League

Do you secretly enjoy your math class?
Do you think it is fun to figure out a tricky problem?

The BSM Math League is open to all students in grades 7-12. Our goal is to have fun while solving challenging and interesting math problems. Most years, we have around 40-50 students participate in Math League. Over the past 15 years, the BSM Math League has placed either 1st or 2nd in our division EVERY year. When we place 1st, we qualify for the Minnesota state meet, which is a very fun and exciting culmination to our season.


Because our students are so busy in a variety of activities, and we don’t want Math League to be stressful, we practice only once or twice week – Every Wednesday morning before school (October – March), and also on Tuesdays (October - December), when we compete on-line against schools across the United States.  You can also participate in other sports or activities throughout the season while still being part of math league.  We all take turns bringing a breakfast of muffins or doughnuts and juice. We have six MSHSL meets throughout the year that are on Mondays after school.  Because of our large team, BSM has varsity and junior varsity teams that compete at each meet. A bus will take us to and from the venue and return approximately at 6 p.m.

Meet Dates:

We have five conference meets each year. All teams attend all meets, and everyone on our team is encouraged to attend.  BSM  has two teams participate at each meet, a varsity team and a junior varsity team.  There will probably be two meets in November and then one each in December, January and February. Meets start at 3:45 p.m. and run until approximately 5:45. We ride together on a bus, and leave school about 3 p.m. and return between 6 - 7 p.m.

Math League is a wonderful activity with so much to offer. It helps build math skills, confidence, and friendships; and, it’s great review for those all-important SAT and ACT tests. You do NOT have to be a math whiz to be a part of our team. We welcome everyone who has an interest in math. Come for the doughnuts and camaraderie – and have some fun doing cool math problems!


Dan Bowler
952-915-4358, ext. 2205

2016-17 Roster

Student Gr
Tommy Anderson 11
Gabe Bauer 11
Lorenzo Cerda 11
Nathan Clark 11
Kasey Desmond 12
Jeanna Edlund 10
Quinn Ehlen 11
Isabel Fleming 10
Jordan Frantz 11
Johnny Freytag  9
Ryan Frost 11
Brendan Gallaher 11
Kara Gerads 10
Janette Hao 12
Carlie Hedin 11
Annabelle Hilson 10
Ryan Hoedeman 11
Hattie Hoffman 11
Michael Hunter 11
Alexander Hyjek 12
Alec Johnson 12
Sydney Johnson 10
Alex Kang 11
Sarah Kinney 10
Grace Knoer 10
Henry Koch 11
Santi Lambert 11
Austin Larsen 12
Jake Leonard 11
James Libbey 12
Anna Lillenthal 11
Anna Luong 12
Sarah Luong  9
Billy Madden 12
Joe Marinaro  9
Tommy McGinn 12
Kylie Nevells 11
Hannah Nichols 11
Graham Noble 11
Maren Noble 12
Matt Nyberg 12
Sky Ochoa Jordan 10
Anna Pohlen 10
Mikey Pupel 11
Alexa Reynders 11
Jack Rickman 11
Joe Rickman 11
Frannie Scherer 10
Lucy Scherer 12
Maggie Sexton 11
Katie Tucker 10
Annie Valerius 10
Claire Van der Heide 11
Hannah Vitelli 11
Cara Vollbrecht 11
Stephanie Wallace 12
Alex Webert 11
Claire Will 10
Jack Will 12
Turner Wine 11
Morgan Williams 11
Chenyang Yan 11
Chenhui Yan 11
Chenxiao Yan 11


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